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Pastor's Weekly Update

Conversations that Matter

Posted by John Repsold on

One of the most fulfilling experiences in life for many of us are conversations that matter.

By “matter”, I mean conversations that seem to have some real meat to them…real depth. So often our days are filled with verbiage that just sort of glance off of people—friendly greetings, chit-chat about the weather or sports or our latest shopping bargain.

But conversations that matter touch the heart and mind, our souls and psyches. Conversations that matter change our lives and even our destinies. And sometimes they don’t even look like “conversations.” They may be a book we’re reading or a sermon we hear. They might be something we overhear others talking about or a radio program that catches us where we need it.

This weekend we’re going to be having some “conversations that matter.” We’re going to be dealing with some things that have eternal implications and impact. Some people will take some truly significant steps toward God this weekend because of these conversations. Some will be your friends and family…if you choose to invite them to join the conversation. Some will be brothers and sisters in Christ…if they choose to show up and join God in the conversation.

So here are the specifics.

Fathers In the Field--@ Men’s Connection—This Saturday at 9:00 a.m. the men of Mosaic will be conversing about one of THE most important issues of our time—fatherlessness…and what we can do about it. Chuck from Boise, Idaho will be here to unveil a really solid, life-changing plan by which to attack this challenge in our own fellowship and city. Besides all the regular good food and fellowship, this conversation has the potential to radically change the lives of some of the young men without fathers in our church (not to mention our own lives). So men, let’s have a conversation that matters tomorrow!

Women—If you are a single parent or widowed mom, we’d love to have you join us for this one-time event. We need your wisdom and input as we try to put our love for Christ into practice by loving the boys and young men God has given you to raise. Either join us for breakfast at 9:00a.m. or come at 9:30 to catch the presentation.

“God Is NOT Dead”—A Series on Belief & Doubt—This week we are again privileged to hear from Abigail Hohenstreet, a Ph.D. candidate in apologetics from Princeton University.

If you were with us last week at the Bloomsday evening potluck, you know what a blessing it was to hear from one of the next generation’s articulate, passionate, intelligent and godly Christ-followers. Abby tackles doubts and objections to Christianity head-on.

Sunday she will be speaking on Are You Certain In Your Uncertainty. It’s a session that will examine atheism, agnosticism, post-modernism and pluralism in light of theism and Christianity.

Don’t be scared by the big words. Just come expecting to have a “conversation that matters.”

SPECIAL NOTE #1: If you have friends or relatives who are wrestling with some serious intellectual questions about belief in God and Christ, this is just the series you want to be bugging them to join! Don’t put it off. Make a phone call today and invite them to a conversation that matters.

SPECIAL NOTE #2: If you are a collegian or young adult, you’re invited to come to the Repsold’s urban ranch from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday for a potluck to continue the conversation with Abby about these issues and more. Our address is 3205 E. Marie Ct. on the South Hill. Grab some food and come have a conversation that matters with people who matter to God.

See you soon…for a conversation that matters.

Pastor John

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