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Pastor's Weekly Update

Dark Night

Posted by John Repsold on

Do you ever feel like you’re having trouble hearing from God?  While that’s not an uncommon experience for God’s kids it can be a very frustrating one.  Saints of old even called it “the dark night of the soul.” 


If you’d like to know what to do when that happens and what God might be up to, then you won’t want to miss this weekend’s worship gatherings at 9 or 11 on Sunday.  We’ll be talking to each other…and hearing from God…about this very issue.  I’m looking forward to what He and you will have to say on the matter.  And I’m looking forward to having our Moody Northwest students back as of this week.  WELCOME BACK!


As this wonderful Spokane summer draws to a close and we all get back into the fall routine, I want to give you a heads-up about one of the wonderful developments that is taking place as we work to see God’s presence and power transform our city.



Several of our college/young adult guys have strategically leased an apartment in one of the downtown/lower South Hill apartment buildings.  Their desire is to see God use them to reach the residents of that building with the love of Christ.  Now that’s “incarnational loving” at its best! 

Here’s how WE CAN HELP and be part of this ministry to bring Christ to downtown.  Following is a list of the household items these group of guys needs to make their apartment into, well, more than a bachelor pad.  They want it to be a place that is warm, comfortable and inviting to all their neighbors.  And they want to use food/meals to build bridges that point people to Jesus. 

So please scroll down the following list.  If you have any of the items they’ve mentioned, could you CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL either Mike Miller (812-276-7943; ) or Daniel Repsold ( ; 509-710-1627) and let them know?  It would be a great blessing to them and potentially lots of neighbors who will meet Jesus this year. 



__ 2 Sets of Bunk Bed




__Desk w/Chair


__Air Conditioner/Fan


Living Room---



__Coffee /End-Table



__TV/Stereo Stand

__VCR/DVD Player



__Bath/Shower Mat

__Shower Curtain & Liner



__Toothbrush Holder

__Soap Dish




Kitchen/Dining room-----





__Toaster/Toaster Oven



__Coffee Maker



__Silverware Tray

__Baking Sheets/Pans



__Cutting Board


__Measuring Cup/Spoons

__Oven Mitt(s)/Hot Pad(s)

__Spice Rack & Spices

__Hand & Dish Towels

__Can/Bottle Opener


__Dish Rack


Cleaning Supplies

__Toilet brush

__Dust Mop

__Wet Mop/Bucket


__Vacuum/Bags or Sweeper




Some of you may wonder why we keep pitching serving through a couple of the downtown ministries all the time.  Very simply, we know that we experience God in fresh ways when we serve people in need.  Being a blessing often brings a blessing.  It can surprise you who gets blessed.  We just don’t want to miss out on God’s presence downtown!


CITY GATE has let us know that they are in need of more helpers as a church has dropped out of their regular rotation.  In addition, our 2nd Saturday of the month team could also use more volunteers and leadership. 

Our CUP OF COOL WATER team will be serving a special 4-course dinner in a couple of weeks (on 9-11) to the street youth of Spokane. 

If you would like to be a part of either one of these truly Christ-ministering teams, please contact Doug Porter at 362-3803 or email



Could I simply conclude with a plea to all of us who believe God hears and answers when his children call out to him? 

The last month has been a difficult one for many in our fellowship.  One of the best responses any of us can have to difficulty is to bear each other’s burdens in prayer.  If you are one of those people feeling burdened by life’s load, please don’t try and carry it alone.  As we gather on Sundays and other days of the week to worship and pray, take advantage of the opportunities we will be offering to be prayed for. Don’t be so proud that you don’t share, underestimate or understate your needs. God loves humble hearts.  And part of humility is sometimes saying, “Will you pray for me about this?” 


That’s just one more way we “experience the heart of God in the heart of the city.” 




Pastor John


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