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Pastor's Weekly Update

Feeling Your Age?

Posted by John Repsold on

Writing our family New Year’s letter this week I got to adding up the combined number of years our family tribe of eight people now represents in life on this earth. Any guesses? How does two-hundred and fifty years sound? A quarter of a millennium! Surely my math is off somewhere. But after checking it twice, sadly...or happily... it is true.  The silver lining is that it makes my own actual age not seem so bad…at least for now.

This weekend Mosaic turns eight years old. If we were to add up all the combined years the several hundred people represent who have been a part of this ministry for those eight years, we’d be talking well over 1,500 years of life together. Methuselah, move on over!

Time is, as they say, one of the most precious gifts we have in life. It is definitely a gift from God as he sustains our lives—body, soul and spirit—on this planet every day we draw breath. As with any expenditure of resources, it is valuable to periodically step back and take a look at how we are doing in stewarding what God has given us.

That’s what we’re going to be doing this Sunday, January 4th, 2015. We’re going to be looking at what God wants us to remember and what he wants us to forget as we take stock of time. We’re going to share what we’ve learned together about Christ and life this past year and what the God-given hopes and dreams are that we nurture for this coming year. And we’re going to thank God for life past, present and future—all which comes from Him.

So let’s enjoy our age tomorrow together as Mosaic Fellowship turns eight years old. Isn’t it great to be young…again!

Trying not to act my age,

Pastor John


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