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Pastor's Weekly Update

Fond Farewells

Posted by John Repsold on

Part of living in the family of God on this earth is that we always seem to be saying either “hello” to newly acquainted brothers and sisters or “goodbye” to dearly loved family in Jesus.  Tomorrow will be both “hellos” and “goodbyes.” 
As the college students begin to flock back to Spokane over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be having the opportunity to both bless and encourage the future leaders of God’s church, businesses and just about every area of American (and potentially world) life you can think of.  And we’ll be blessed by what they bring to Spokane and our life together at Mosaic.
But tomorrow we’ll also be saying what we hope is a temporary “goodbye” to Kirk, Stephanie, Calliope and Bethlehem Orr as they move to Alberta, Canada.  What a blessing they have all been to us since the inception of Mosaic! 
So SUNDAY NIGHT at 5:30pm we’ll gather at the Chipley’s home (3011 S. Lincoln Dr.) for a POTLUCK and time of send-off for the Orrs.  Please bring a dish or two for the potluck.  Drinks and plastic/paperware will be provided.  This is our turn to tell them how much they mean to us…and make sure we securely tie those chords of love that we hope will draw them back this way again soon. 
SUNDAY MORNING at Mosaic we’ll be looking at the issue of unity from God’s word as Harold Coleman leads us in our pursuit of God.  Kirk Orr will be leading us in music, something we hope will continue during throughout their periodic visits with us here “south of the boarder” this coming year.  Plan to come and meet with God while enjoying his family. 
That’s all for today.  See you TOMORROW, Lord willing.
Pastor John
P.S.  We’ll be starting a community-oriented training and mentoring ministry in late September on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  If you want to experience more of God with our neighbors downtown this year, why not plan a few hours a month into your fall schedule where you can work with residents needing computer training, interview skills and various life-skills training/mentoring?  More info to come as the weeks unfold!

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