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Pastor's Weekly Update

Mosaic's Future

Posted by John Repsold on

Top of the Weekend to All!

 Marrying your only daughter off can make you do a lot of thinking about the past…and the future.  With Joanna’s wedding this weekend, I’ve been reminded once again that life moves like a bullet train.  So far, we’re still on the tracks!

As your pastor, I also spend a fair amount of time looking back and looking forward.  While we’re a different congregation than when we started a couple of years ago, God has graciously sustained us and continued to bring people with a vision to experience the heart of God in the heart of the city. 

God’s heart is always FOR people.  The more messy our lives, the more mighty his grace.  Ministry in the core of our city continually brings us face-to-face with the core needs of human beings and the messiness of life. 

With that in mind, we’re constantly seeking God’s heart for how to more effectively bring His heart to people.  That’s why we are doing the Alpha Course this fall.  We’ll keep doing this for years to come, too, because it is such a great way to give people a warm, stomach-and-soul-filling experience with God and with each other. 

Since we’re about half way through our initial course run, it’s time for many of you who haven’t gotten in on this semester’s course to start planning for the next one.  We’ll be having a Celebration/Introductory Dinner DECEMBER 5TH.  Plan to be a part of that as well as the next course that will start in early February 2011.  You will REALLY be blessed!

Speaking of the next Alpha Course, we’ll be doing it in homes as well as Second Space next semester.  We feel God’s call to take the life of Christ and his Body, the church, deeper into our neighborhoods and friendships.  So be praying about who God might want YOU to invite to join you for the next Alpha Course.

Here’s what we’re LOOKING FORWARD to THIS WEEK:

CITY GATE SERVE TONIGHT, OCTOBER 9th Join Mike Mann and the crew at City Gate at 170 S. Madison at 6:15 TONIGHT.  Call Mike at 509-389-1871 for more details.

CUP OF COOL WATER SERVE, Tuesday night, October 12 at 5:30.  Join Karen Chipley (467-8250) and Co. for a great time of ministry to Spokane’s street kids.  Food prep starts at City Gate at 5:30. 

MISSIONS IN NICARAGUA 2011—THIS MONDAY night, OCTOBER 11.  This Monday night, October 11, there will be a meeting for anyone interested in being a part of the 2011 ministry team headed to our Agros village in Nicaragua in late January 2011.  The team will be in Nicaragua for about 10 days at the very end of January and first few days of February.  If you are interested in being a part of this team or just want more information, come to Second Space Gallery (610 W. 2nd Ave.) at 6:30pm for more information.  You can also call Michelle Weidemann at 944-5262 for more info.

See you in God’s presence tomorrow at 9 or 11am.  

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