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Pastor's Weekly Update

Mother's Day Weekend

Posted by John Repsold on

Welcome to a Mother’s Day Weekend like none other…where take-out will replace dine-in, where stay-home will replace “let’s-go-out” and where many moms will be treated to day 55 of non-stop little cherubs while many others will be enduring day 55 of no family whatsoever.  Such is the new world we live in.

So as we come to what promises to be a beautiful spring weekend in Spokane, let me clue you in on what we’ll be doing (and saying) on Sunday. 

Our beloved Women’s Ministry Director, Tina Nenno, has put together a great video by some of our Mosaic moms.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss it…and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t on the live-feed.  So be sure to invite your favorite mom…or any mom, for that matter…to join us on-line for worship live at 8:45 a.m. and recorded thereafter.  Just pass along the link to Mosaicspokane.com and invite them to click the red YouTube link at the top of the page.

As far as teaching, I’ll be addressing a very different side of the current COVID-19 crisis with a message entitled “Submission TO & Stewardship OF Government”.  I know, it certainly isn’t your normal Mother’s Day message.  But this isn’t your normal Mother’s Day either.  As the title suggests, we’ll be seeing what the Scriptures have to say about our responsibility to submit to government while at the same time to steward our particular government as “we the people.” 

Since this message will probably raise a ton of questions and comments, we’ll be putting a phone number on the screen again to which you can text your questions.  I’ll try to take a good amount of time to address them in the “live” service. So, please tune in to that service at 8:45 a.m. if you think you might want to contribute a question.  (If you don’t make it to that time, feel free to send me any questions personally to my email at .)

Let me close today with a prayer that I trust all of us can pray for all the amazing women God has put in our lives.

“Loving Father, we pray to You for our mothers, who through love have given each us life.  May we show them reverence and deep gratitude whether in person or in our memories.  For others who show us a mother’s love, we pray for their blessing and joy today. For adoptive mothers and for the women who have wished to give birth but experience challenges, may they know Your gentle care, we pray Lord. For mothers who have lost a child through death, we pray that their faith may give them hope and their family and friends comfort from You. For those who wish to serve as mothers but are not able to do so, we pray that they know Your comfort, Your encouragement and Your presence afresh. For mothers who have died, may the blessings they have left to us fill generations to come and may they be found reveling in the joy of Your great kingdom both now and forever.  Amen.”

Pastor John

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