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Pastor's Weekly Update

Our Historic Future

Posted by John Repsold on

The end of a year is always a good time to take a few moments to both look back over the past and dream dreams about the future.  Since this week spans the last days of 2012 and the first ones of 2013, there’s no better time than now to do just that. 

In fact, doing that this past week with some longtime family friends we only really get to see once or twice a year led our family and theirs into a very special time of sharing and prayer for one another. It was powerful, memorable and blessed.

So as we end this “old” year and enter the new, let me encourage you to take some time around the table with family and friends.   Take stock of what this last year held and what the New Year may bring.  Maybe you’ll want to have everyone answer a question or two like one of the following:

  • What were some of the greatest joys or blessings of last year 2012?
  • What was one of your greatest challenges this past year?
  • As you look ahead to a new year, what is one of the biggest dreams or challenges you face?

Speaking of looking back while anticipating the future, that’s what we’ll be doing this weekend at Mosaic.

MOSAIC’S 5TH ANNIVERSARY:  This SUNDAY marks the completion of our 5th year as a church.  Come and celebrate together at either 9 and 11AM or 6PM as we dredge up some historical shots of life at Mosaic, take a look back at what God has been doing with us, and then look forward to what you and others at Mosaic see on the horizon for the future.  There are some exciting developments and stirrings we sense from God in regard to Mosaic.  I hope you’ll not only be able to enjoy them with us this week but for years to come as well.  See you Sunday!

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