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Pastor's Weekly Update

Talk Show Church?

Posted by John Repsold on

As we approach the weekend, I wanted to fill you in on some very important updates. 

As of this writing, our Governor is scheduled to give a press conference at 2:30 p.m. today (Friday) in which he will provide some clarification about his stated intent to extend the current lock-down.  As such, we are planning on continuing to do services remotely via YouTube this Sunday.  As with previous Sundays, we will go live a little before 8:45 a.m. on the Mosaic Fellowship Spokane YouTube channel. The service will then be available as a video recording any time after the end of that service. 

What will be different about this Sunday is that Yours Truly will be playing early morning (not late night) talk-show host to the entire church staff as we discuss a host of things about what God seems to be doing with us, Mosaic Fellowship and future ministry through this COVID-19 crisis.  There should be lots of spiritual nuggets God will use in your soul as we go forward into another week of finding God’s best in this situation.  So go to www.mosaicspokane.com on Sunday and click on the red YouTube link at the top of the page for a great time “together” in the Lord (as much as legally possible right now). 

We also look forward to your questions and comments in real-time on the comment section of the YouTube link.  We’ll try and spent a few minutes responding to them at the end of the service. 

In preparation for Sunday, I’d like YOU to ask yourself personally (and possibly journal about) the following questions.   We will be talking about some of them on Sunday but from a church and ministry perspective as well.

  1. What have you appreciated and been blessed by in this time of quarantine?
  2. What has God pointed out in your life through this experience that He is asking you to grow through or change?
  3. Are there any false gods God has been pointing out in your own life through this experience that He is asking you to get rid of?
  4. How has this experience caused you to look at church differently from the way you used to experience it? What would you like about your body-of-Christ experience to change because of this COVID-crisis?
  5. What personal changes have you made (or would you like to make) in life because of this experience that you don’t want to lose as we go forward and eventually come out of lock-down?


As we undoubtedly move into another week of quarantine, HOW is God asking you to go deeper with Him?  I believe God is calling to us every day to take life a little deeper with Him.  If you are wondering how to do that, may I suggest any one of the following very simple things?

  • Read your Bible one additional time each day from what you are now doing. If you aren’t doing that now, start today.  If you already read in the morning, add a few minutes in the evening. 
  • Join a few minutes of our daily evening Prayer Time from 7:00-8:00 on Zoom.
  • Participate in the NEW Thursday evening Worship, Praise & Prayer times from 7:30-8:00 p.m. with Katie and Andrew on our Facebook Live video page (you’ll find it on Facebook at Mosaic Fellowship Spokane’s page).
  • Start a prayer journal where you write down things and people you are praying for, write out prayers to God or find meaningful prayers of others on the internet and put them in your journal.
  • If you’re not doing a weekly Bible study yet, what better time than now? Join our Zoom study in 1st Peter at 5:30 Thursdays (again, see our Mosaicspokane.com web page) or find a good one on-line (from great Christian organizations like any of these:  https://intervarsity.org/bible-study, https://www.navigators.org/resources/, https://www.cru.org/us/en/train-and-grow/bible-studies.html)

Now is the time to turn some of these challenging changes into productive habits.  God (and even our Governor?) might be waiting for you to turn a temporary inconvenience into a productive change before this COVID-19 crisis changes. 

Looking forward to hearing about what God is teaching YOU in this time,

Pastor John

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