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Pastor's Weekly Update

Thanksgiving factor

Posted by John Repsold on

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

What does the level of your thankfulness at any given time in life usually depend upon?  I’d like to be able to say that mine is rock-solid and sky-high no matter what, never coming or going regardless of how life is playing out.  But it isn’t…not yet, anyway. 

As we gather this Thanksgiving weekend with God’s family to further enjoy some of the amazing blessings He pours out on us as His kids, come prepared to both give thanks and be part of the decision-making process that will determine how we do that. You’re going to have several options available to you, at least in the morning services, worship with gratitude.  Together we will choose what best expresses the longings and thankfulness of our hearts towards God…and then we will live out those choices during the brief time we have together tomorrow.

So whether your heart is overflowing with joy in Christ for what he has done in your life recently or whether you are struggling to make sense of what has unfolded this past year, don’t miss out on God’s presence at His family celebrations somewhere where His children this weekend. 

Growing in my gratitude capacity,

Pastor John

P.S.  If you have already donated towards the Cambodian Children’s Christmas gift boxes or plan to do so soon, remember, we are also encouraging you to write a short note of greeting to each of the children you choose to support.  Maybe you could just tell them what Christmas means to you and why you are wanting them to be blessed at this season of the year.  Thanks for making a difference in hundreds of children’s lives!

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