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Aug 30, 2020

Purpose is Paramount

Passage: Romans 7:7-13

Preacher: John Repsold

Series: Romans

Keywords: sin, holy spirit, purpose, sinfulness, human nature, god's law


We live in a culture that is advocating for the destruction of law and order, all under the title of "social justice." What does God have to say about the place of His law in human life? Can it be used well or poorly? What was the purpose of the Law as God gave it and are we using it properly in our lives even today. This message looks at what the Law of God is good for...and it will probably surprise you.


Purpose is Paramount

Romans 7:7-13

August 30, 2020


We’re working our way through the book of Romans this year and next, off and on in 8 week chunks.  It’s the most densely theological letter Paul ever wrote.  And since your pastor is also a little dense from time to time, that’s why we’ve decided to take it in bite-sized sections over the course of a couple of years.