Contact Us

  • Phone: (509) 747-3007
  • Email:
  • Meeting Address:
    115 E. Pacific Ave., Spokane, WA 99202
  • Office/Mailing Address:
  • 608 W. 2nd Ave, #101. Spokane, WA 99201

Service Times

  • Sunday: 10am
  • Infant through 8th grade Sunday School classes available
  • FREE Parking!


Where & when do you meet?
We've just started meeting at our new HOME, 606 W. 3rd Ave, in downtown Spokane!  We have a single service, at 10 am on Sundays, but we'll be moving our service time to 10:30 am on April 2, 2017, and adding a Sunday School hour at 9am (for kids and adults!).  We also meet in homes throughout the week.

Where do I park?
Our new location has Free parking on the west side of their building, and the parking lot in front of the Bike Shop, on the North end of the same block!

How do people dress?
Casually or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Will I like the worship style?
That may depend on the week.  We hope everything that happens during the "worship service" truly connects your heart with God.  Since we have various worship bands with different styles of music and leadership, the musical part of our worship tends to vary from week to week.  And we hope that worship will become a lot more than just about the music.  We invite you to worship God as we pray, converse about life and God's word, study the Bible, give, serve and engage in a host of other things.

What do I do with my kids?
We have great kids stuff for ages 0-8th grade.

I’m a teenager so what do I do?
Beginning April 2nd, we'll have Sunday School for Adults, as well as Junior High and High School, and we have a 10am class for Junior high as well.  We're also partnering with YFC, so stay tuned for announcements of new youth events and programs.

How often do you offer communion?
We celebrate communion every week in every service.  We think it is an important way to remember and celebrate Christ’s love for us.

I missed the worship service.  How can I get the notes or hear the podcast?
Click the “Sermons” link on the home page, find the sermon you missed and download the MP3 file, Podcast or text.  You can also download the sermon discussion questions as well as the week's bulletin here.

Does MOSAIC have an office?
Yes, at Mosaic Center, 606 W. 3rd Ave, but we don’t keep regular office hours.  Call 747-3007 for more information or set up an appointment with a staff pastor directly (see “Contact Us” tab on home page). 

How can I get better connected to people at MOSAIC?
Visit one of our Connection desserts on a Sunday night at one of the pastor's houses where you can ask any question you like and get to know some of our leaders personally.  Then you might consider joining a Life Community sometime during the week. (check out “Life Groups” under “Ministries”). 

How do I get involved in serving at MOSAIC?
The best way is probably to contact one of our Pastors so we can match your passion and gifting in ministry with the right ministry setting.