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Pastor's Weekly Update

A Spiritual Summer

Posted by John Repsold on

Dear Saints,

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at what the presence of God will do to a person or people.  Whether in the Old Testament or the New, when God shows up around people who are willing to let God mess with their lives, amazing things happen.  This “manifest presence of God” is something that God has poured out in every generation of mankind, all over the world.  It’s what thousands of God’s children have been seeking in this city for years.  It is what many of us long for and expect to engage in any day now. 

Don’t settle for church or religion or even great things like Bible study or prayer or serving others without the presence of God.  Don’t let summer just be one long holiday from the presence of God.  Instead, let’s cry out to our Father in Jesus name for that oneness in Christ that Jesus longs for and our hearts were made for.  Let’s seek the Giver more than the gifts.  Let’s enjoy his Presence more than his provision.  He waits for us!


It’s always nice to see those who are being used of God to lead others to faith in Christ make their public stand with Jesus in baptism too!  CHAD & AMY MacPHERSON, part of our own church family headed overseas for two years, want to invite any of you who would like to celebrate Chad and Caleb’s baptisms to join them for this celebration tomorrow, Friday evening, July 8th,  at 7:00pm at 9726 N. Fotheringham.   

Chad, Amy and Caleb will be leaving for China in just a couple of weeks.  If you want to be part of their support team but haven’t signed up and made the commitment, please contact them at or call them at 994-5848…SOON!  They’ve already sold their cars and just about everything else they can so as to be able to follow God’s leading for the next two years.  They are still in need of about $8,000 in regular support.  Become a part of this miracle and join their team.  You’ll never regret it come eternity in the Kingdom. 


We are concluding the mini-series “The Presence” this Sunday.  John will be addressing various questions about God’s manifest presence and what we can do individually as well as together as the people of God to make God’s presence the most transformational experience in our lives on an ongoing basis.  Join us in His Presence at 9 or 11AM this Sunday @ Second Space.   


The Children’s Ministry leaders will meet right after the second service at 12:20 @ Mosaic office and the Volunteer Leaders’ Luncheon will chow down at the Orr’s at 1:00pm.  Don’t forget if you are a part of either of those teams.     

COLLEGE-AGE SINGLES LAKE DAY, July 17 (after church)

If you’re 18-25 and would enjoy some fun and fellowship with other singles your age, put Sunday, July 17th, on your calendar.  We’ll be going to the Repsold lake place on Coeur d’Alene after church for the rest of the day/evening.  Bring suits, towels, rubber duckies, your favorite side dish/drinks/chips, etc.  Repsolds will provide the burgers, dogs, smores and fire.  For directions call Daniel Repsold at 710-1627 or email him at .    


One way to increase your giving in this period of economic challenge is to us SCRIP.  Here’s how it works.  You go on line to the “Shop With Scrip” web site and purchase “scrip cards” from many of the hundreds of places you normally shop or eat at (grocery stores, fast food restaurants, retail stores, hardware stores, hotels, etc.).  You purchase the cards at their face value for whatever amount you want ($10, 25, 50, 100, etc.) and then twice a month they are mailed to Mosaic Fellowship where you can pick them up when you are here on Sundays. 

Mosaic receives a donation of anywhere from 1-23% of your total purchase value, depending on the particular companies you purchase from.  It’s that simple. 
What a smart way to give more money to the work of the Kingdom while simply doing your regular purchases.  It doesn’t cost you anything but the time to go on-line and purchase the scrip cards for places you normally shop anyway.  It’s just plain great stewardship! 
Go to http://www.glscrip.com to learn more.  Then contact Sandy if you have specific questions or want to sign up ( or phone 509-710-8036).  

Thanks for being great stewards of God’s resources!


  • BLUEGRASS NIGHT @ the Chipley’s (30th & Lincoln). Plan to enjoy some California State pick’en and play’en champs on the evening of Thursday, July 28th.
  • PICNIC IN THE PARK on Sunday evening, July 31st for the Royal Fireworks Concert and…fireworks!
  • MOSAIC CAMP-IN at Riverside State Park, Thursday, August 18th to Sunday, August 21st.  We’ve reserved a group area to have some fun in the sun in August.  Campsite cost will be $15/person for all 3days (You bring your own food, tent, RV, motel, etc.). EVERYONE is welcome to come and enjoy the evening campfires, singing and fun whether you campout or not.
  • WILLOW CREEK LEADERSHIP SUMMIT:  August 11-12 at Life Center here in Spokane.  Go to http://www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership/2010/locations.asp for more info and registration.
  • SUMMER YOUTH ALPHA RETREAT:  August 7-9 at Sullivan Lake.  Costs is $40 for food, fun, fellowship, etc.  Register with Charlie & Lisa Greer at

May these summer days find you drawing closer to Jesus, enjoying His presence, waiting on His guidance and participating in His Kingdom expansion.  Be refreshed in Him! 

Pastor John

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