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Pastor's Weekly Update

A VERY Special Weekend

Posted by John Repsold on

As we’re all well aware this year, Christmas will fall on a Sunday.  That happens only every 5 to 11 years, depending on where we are in the leap-year schedule.  The last time was 6 years ago (2016).  The next time will be 11 years future (2033).  So twice in 17 years isn’t that often.

Which begs the question, “Why are we doing both a Christmas Eve service and a Christmas Day service this year?”  For starters, we almost always do three services a weekend.  So having two, we’re already eliminating one!  But the real issue is, “Why wouldn’t we celebrate the birth of our Lord as much as possible?” 

A good chunk of Christians around the world have historically always had a special service on Christmas Day, no matter on which day of the week it falls.  When our kids were younger, I decided to gift them a service at our neighbor Slavic Baptist Church on Christmas Day.  I figured it would be both a great cultural experience and a fitting way to celebrate Christ’s birth.  Part way into the third hour of listening to Russian, I was beginning to have my doubts about the latter.  But in retrospect, while our kids probably won’t be dragging their kids to a similar service any time soon, it did make Christmas memorable.  It also gave us all a first-hand taste and appreciation for the value of music, of families and of worshipping Jesus himself on Christmas that our Slavic brethren have. 

So let me give you a handful of reasons why gathering on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, back-to-back this year, will be worth the extra effort.

  • Christmas Eve is the only music-filled, reflective and joyous Saturday evening service we share all year as a church together.
  • Coming to church on Christmas Day teaches our children, grandchildren and each other that December 25th is first about Jesus and secondarily about food, friends, family and presents. We’re passing on a legacy of faith, not just fun.
  • Gathering together with family is what Christmas Eve and Day is all about…and for many of our church family who live alone or have lost loved ones, these two days can be either the most difficult of the year or part of the healing and blessing of God. Spiritual family shares and celebrates together.

Both services will run just an hour.  Both will be memorable.  Both are for families to worship together.  And both will give God one more opportunity to reach into our souls and draw us closer to him before the end of 2022. 

Christmas Eve we’ll gather at 4:00 for a candle-light service of readings, special music and meditations around the angels and people involved in that special night.  Christmas morning we will have only one service at 10am.  As such, it will be specifically designed for “family” worship with kids. Andrew will be preaching on the gifts of the magi and children will be given (parents-permitting) gold chocolate coins, frankincense and myrrh. Our prayer is that this hour will be the most meaningful portion of your Christmas morning and that all our children present will memorably experience that the greatest gift any of us receive this season, and every day, is the life of Christ as we submit to his kingship (gold), worship him (frankincense) and accept his sacrifice for our sins (myrrh).

Come celebrate the greatest birthday ever this weekend!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor John

P.S.  In case you can’t join us due to weather, health or any other unforeseen circumstances, we’ll be live-streaming both services.  Just go to www.mosaicspokane.com and click on the red “watch our current service” header. 

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