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Pastor's Weekly Update

Angel Angles

Posted by John Repsold on

‘Tis the season…for angels, right?  So this Sunday we’ll be diving head first into the issue of angels, especially angel encounters at the Incarnation and what they have to do with us now 2,000 years later. 

So be sure to bring your family, friends and questions—anything about angels, that is.  Your questions are going to form part of our time together as we join these heavenly hosts in doing what they do best—worship.

Just in case you need to prime the angel-question pump, I’ll start you off with one of the classic question of the ages:  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  Okay, I’ll make it easy—multiple choice:

  1. It all depends on the size of the pinhead asking the question.
  2. It depends on which end of the pin you consider the head.
  3. Anyone asking that question has too much time on their hands.
  4. Angels don’t dance.
  5. The question is obviously meaningless (even if they did dance).

If you can’t figure out the right answer, show up tomorrow for church.  I guarantee you hear a lot better questions than this one. 

And one more thing.  This week is Christmas (in case you didn’t get the memo).  To help us experience a little more awe about the most amazing conception and baby ever to grace our world, we’ll be gathering for candlelight music, readings, prayer, meditations and reflection on Christmas Eve @ 4:00 p.m.  Come bearing gifts of gratitude, wonder, awe and praise for the Christ-child longing to celebrate with us one more time. 

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