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Pastor's Weekly Update

Changes Galore!

Posted by John Repsold on

How many TIME changes can we pack into one weekend? Unless you are traveling to Tahiti, I’m guessing you are stuck with just TWO this weekend at Mosaic.

The first is, of course, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME CHANGE. Consider this your annual reminder to “fall back” by setting your clocks an hour back before you go to bed Saturday night. Sweet dreams!

But, just in case you forget…and are used to coming to the 9:00 a.m. service… for once in your life, you won’t be an hour early. That’s because we’re LAUNCHING our 8:00 A.M. MOSAIC-EXPRESS service this Sunday at, well, eight o’clock in the morning. We’re hoping this somewhat abbreviated one-hour service will fill the bill for some of you who have been looking for an early service, love mornings and don’t stay up late on Saturday nights. Pajamas and a no-make-up look are totally acceptable for this service too. Yes, we’re relaxed at Mosaic.

That means that our now “2nd Service” (formerly 9:00 a.m. 1st service) will start at 9:15 (unless you are normally late to that service, in which case keep thinking it’s at 9:00). And the 11:00 (formerly 2nd, now 3rd) service will start at the same time, 11:00A.M. Wow! Is everyone now thoroughly confused? Chances are, just show up anytime Sunday morning and you’ll hit a service and certainly some coffee and fellowship with the Mosaic family.

There is one more major change happening this coming week as well. Monday night CONDUIT just completed its first fall session. So we’ll be starting the second session of Conduit this Monday. Here are the 3 groups offered:

1.)    Experiencing the Holy Spirit—yours truly (Pastor John) will be leading what will hopefully be far more than just a “study” about the Holy Spirit. I’m personally hungry to be experiencing Him more fully. Join us if you’d like a 7-week journey with others hungry for more of God in their daily routine.

2.)    Miracles in the Book of John—this study for women is led by Michele Buck will look at all the miracles Jesus performed from the Gospel of John. Ready for a miracle?

3.)    Retooling to Reach the World—a group led by Pastor Chris, this study will focus on some of the tools we can all develop to help us reach into the lives of friends and family needing Jesus.

Hope to see you Monday night!


Pastor John

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