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Pastor's Weekly Update

Fall's Changing

Posted by John Repsold on

Dear Mosaic,

How are you adjusting to the rather abrupt night temperature changes in Spokane this week? Hopefully it’s simply a matter of adding another blanket to the bed at night or jacket to the back as you head out the door in the morning. For some of our neighbors downtown, it’s more complicated than that.

Either way, small changes like this call for…more change.

Some people love change (here, here) while others rebel at having to change clothes once a day. While life seems to function best when there is some degree of stability, most of us enjoy it seasoned with a tasteful amount of positive change.

The seasonal change into fall is a good reminder of the opportunities we all have to make some positive, chosen and refreshing changes. May I suggest a few for you to consider this fall?

COMMUNITY GROUPS: I think these kinds of groups are THE BEST way to grow spiritually, get connected relationally and experience transformation in community. There are a number of new groups starting in September and October, everything from men's and women’s-only groups to home groups and support groups. If you’ve hesitated making this change and commitment before now, DON’T WAIT any longer. If this were the last year or even month of your life, wouldn’t you want to invest more of it in loving God and people even more?

Whether you’d like to lead a group or just be in one, please contact Pastor Chris about your interest ( or call 368-1741).

Speaking of men’s groups, MEN’S CONNECTION will be having our breakfast this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at Second Space Gallery. There will be a panel of men who are currently part of a men’s community group. You’ll be able to question them on the eqperience as well as hear from them as to how it has changed their lives.

Men, it does matter that we are in meaningful relationships with other men. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17)

WEEKLY WORSHIP: One of the best ways to build the Body of Christ is simply to invite someone you know to experience the presence of God whom we get to experience every week during Sunday worship.

We’re into the second week of our new short series Why Mosaic? Having looked at Why Mosaic Needs Downtown last week, we’ll look at Why Spokane Needs Mosaic this week.

While the Bible doesn’t mention Spokane by name (surprise, surprise), it has plenty to say about why cities matter to God and what the presence and work of God’s people bring to the spiritual darkness that dominates so many cities.

If you want some clarity regarding the vision of Mosaic for our city, you’ll want to be sure to be a part of this series. And since even most unchurched people want to see our city prosper, this would be a great series for anyone interested in seeing a church that takes ministry to the heart of our city seriously.

MOSAIC ON MISSION: Over the next few weeks you’ll be seeing the walls at Second Space transformed into panels of pictures representing the various downtown ministries in which Mosaic is involved. Even as we will be adding ministry pictures over the weeks, let me encourage you to add in regular giving of time and heart to some ministry in our city. It will change your heart and the heart of Spokane.

COLLEGE/YOUNG ADULTS: Just a reminder that we’re meeting at the Repsold’s (3205 E. Marie Ct., 443-2451) Friday night at 7:00. Besides having “a minute to win it”, we’ll be spending more than a minute enjoying God and each other’s fellowship.

Enjoy the changes!

Pastor John

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