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Pastor's Weekly Update

God's Latest Bestseller

Posted by John Repsold on

Greetings All!

Have you ever read a letter from a dear friend or family member that made you shed a few tears?  Sometimes that might be out of joy for the words they shared.  Sometimes what was said may have grieved you or brought disturbing news. 

When words touch our emotions, it’s a sure sign there is something very personal about the message. 

When was the last time God’s word moved you emotionally?  Can you remember when it gave you peace…or made you uneasy?  When did it last move you to smile or start singing?  To fall to your knees in prayer or get up and go do something out of obedience? 

I don’t always have my emotions touched when I read God’s word, but I wish I did.  Because when it reaches my soul, it usually changes my life.

THIS SUNDAY we are in Nehemiah 8, a true spiritual revival experience for God’s people.  They were moved deeply, emotionally and actively.  It came through simply hearing God’s Word.  So this week we’ll be looking at how we can encounter God’s word and really let it have deep impact in our lives.  If you’ve been frustrated with not understanding the Bible or feeling like it’s been dry lately, this one’s for you.  If you’re just looking to refresh your time with God, this passage is for you.  And if you haven’t a clue how the Bible can transform you day by day, this one’s definitely for you. 

And so is another “Mosaic experience”—ALPHA.  This weekend is the last opportunity to sign up for the next course’s INTRODUCTORY DINNER to be held on SATURDAY, FEBRUAY 5th, @ Second Space Art Gallery.   So either go on the web site at www.mosaicspokane.com/alpha/ or add your name to the list Sunday morning at Mosaic.  If you are even half-way hungry for God (and food), you will love what we’re serving up at Mosaic. 

Hungry…and moved,

Pastor John

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