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Pastor's Weekly Update

He's Coming? Dead or Alive!

Posted by John Repsold on

He’s Coming…Dead or Alive!

Anyone who reads the Bible knows that Jesus has promised to return to this earth again. And just for the record, he’ll be very much alive. But whether you or I will be dead or alive when that day arrives is another question.

God apparently thinks that Jesus return is a very important subject for us to grapple with. Why else would he put over 1,800 references to His return in the Old Testament and over 300 in the New? For every biblical prophecy concerning Christ’s first coming, there are eight prophecies about His second coming. Think His second coming might be important?

This Sunday we’re in I Thessalonians 4 and 5, a portion of Scripture that speaks about Jesus second coming in no uncertain terms. So we’ll be looking at why God thinks it’s so important for us to be convinced of this as well as just how soon that coming might be. So plan to be a part of one of the three Sunday worship services (8, 9:15 or 11) to both connect with God, His people and some transformational truth.


Saturday Praise & Prayer

There will be a major change this Saturday when it comes to our Praise & Prayer time.

Several months ago, before we started our own Saturday Praise & Prayer night, we had agreed to give this particular Saturday night to the church (Higher Power) that uses Second Space on Saturday afternoons. They have been planning a special conference event of outreach and revival called “Consuming Fire.” A band from Florida is coming in to assist them and a brother from Georgia, Chad Taylor, will be speaking.

Chad has grown up under the ministry of Leonard Ravenhill, a contemporary evangelical revivalist of the last century. While Chad comes from a decidedly Pentecostal approach to ministry, he comes with the same passionate heart to see God move in cities across our land to revive the church and awaken the spiritually lost.

            So let me invite you to come and both encourage as well as benefit from what Higher Power Church is doing in our facility to advance God’s kingdom. Expect it to be different from what we do as a church since it comes from the Pentecostal camp of Christendom. But expect to experience God and come with a heart and head fully engaged in what God may want to do with you and others.

            If you would like more information about Chad and his ministry, you might like to go to his website at http://www.consumingfire.com/introletternew.php.

May God meet with us powerfully this weekend regardless of when we gather.