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Pastor's Weekly Update

Holy Week

Posted by John Repsold on

As we approach Holy Week starting this Sunday, Palm Sunday, I’m reminded how far off the mark my understanding can be of what God is actually up to.  The Jewish people of Jesus’ day held some massively incomplete views of what their Messiah would do, when he would do it and who he would actually be.  As such, when he rode into Jerusalem on a humble, unbroken donkey, just as Scripture had prophesied (Mt. 21:5), they failed to comprehend just what God was up to.  They embraced and hailed the idea of a humble Messiah.  They just didn’t want their Messiah to mess with their notions of restored national greatness that had to begin with reconciled humble hearts. 

As we approach another Holy Week, trying to make sense of what God is up to in our world today, the only thing that will bring us true peace and joy in this world of upheaval is surrendering our ideas of how life should be unfolding to God’s bigger plans.  God’s Word will always be fulfilled, even when our expectations of how He should do that may not be.  God’s plan for history will play out as He deems best even if our plans for today don’t work out as we had hoped.  But we’ll only experience the presence of God IN all of our days as we seek Him wholeheartedly and without reservation.  My prayer this Easter is that we will all be experiencing that together…no one left out of the move God is making among us.

As we seek our Lord Jesus Christ before, above and in everything else, ask God which of the following experiences of Him you should be a part of…and then walk in faith-moved obedience.

  • Taekwondo for Kingdom Warriors: TONIGHT, Thursday, March 25th,  at the H.U.B. at 5:30 p.m., there is an interest & informational meeting for anyone wanting to get spiritually and physically fit for the future God has for us in His Kingdom service.  No matter what your age, station in life or condition of body or spirit, come see how the discipline of taekwondo can recondition you, your family and your friends for the future God wants you to enjoy. 
  • Men’s Connection Breakfast this Saturday: we’ll be continuing to focus on our faith journey as men this Saturday at 8:00 a.m. at the H.U.B. as we hear from our brothers Don Moore and Blake Alford about the relationship of faith and wisdom.  Men, come learn how to humbly lead with more faith and more wisdom where God has planted you!
  • Good Friday Service: Friday, April 2nd, at 7:00 p.m. at Mosaic, we’ll be drawing near to our amazing Savior Jesus by reflecting, worshiping, listening to God and responding to Him.  We’ll be contemplating through music, readings, prayer and teaching the glory of Christ in this all-age hour service.  Don't miss out on what God has for us this Friday!
  • Easter 2021: Invite your family, friends and neighbors to one of our Easter weekend services as we consider the resurrection power of Christ working today to bring amazing life out of death. 
  • Mosaic ROOTED Leadership Training Interest & Information meetings, Sunday, April 11 at 11:30-12:30 or 4:00-5:00 p.m. Not to be confused with the upcoming young adults’ conference by the same name (see below), this 10-week series is one we hope everyone at Mosaic will experience during their first couple of years with us. If you would like to experience the life rhythms and practices of a vibrant disciple of Jesus together with other Christ-followers on the journey, this is for you.  Too many Christians have never experienced steady, deep discipleship in the faith.  Whether you are one of them or want to learn how to disciple others better, this is for you. But it will take a 10-week commitment from you.  Come to one of the informational meetings or fill out one of the Rooted Participant forms to register for this spring Leadership Training series.   
  • Youth & Young Adults’ ROOTED Conference: April 16-17, Friday and Saturday, Mosaic is joining with THS-Academy to sponsor this area-wide young adults’ conference.  Our community needs rooted leaders now more than ever, especially in the younger generations. We must come back to our roots founded in the book of Acts. This conference seeks to unite, equip, and ignite the young Christian leaders of the Spokane area. If you have a desire to step into your calling and be used by the Holy Spirit, join us this upcoming April 16th-17th! Go to https://rooted-leadership.com to register.

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