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Pastor's Weekly Update

It’s Our Turn!

Posted by John Repsold on

Yes, it is finally our turn!  For the past five months I’ve been recruiting dozens of pastors and churches in Spokane County to do something that has never been done in the history of our city—namely get the Gospel in a couple of different forms into every one of the 190,000 household, apartment, condo or mobile homes in our county. 

For months, I’ve been hearing the amazing stories of how children as young as three and adults as old as 80+ have been taking the Gospel into neighborhoods all over our city.  I’ve been hearing from pastors about how it has energized their churches and blessed their people to be out literally giving the Gospel away in our city. 

And NOW it is our turn! 

Mosaic is currently responsible for reaching about 1,450 apartments and homes in our downtown neighborhood.  That’s pretty small potatoes considering that some churches not much larger than ours have taken responsibility for anywhere from eight to fifteen thousand homes in their zip codes…and those homes are far more spread out than housing downtown! 

So, now the fun begins as we get to head out into the buildings and blocks around us, pray for residents and leave a packet with the Jesus DVD, a Gospel tract and some info about Mosaic at their door.   Your generosity and love expressed by this gift and your prayers may be the most powerful touch of the life of Jesus Christ many of our neighbors experience all year long. 

Here is my ASK:  will you order your next couple of early Sunday afternoons to include some time for distributing the door-hanger packets for Saturate Spokane right after second service (from 12:00-1/2:00 p.m.)?  Feel free to bring a sack lunch or grab some fast food nearby if that will help.  But plan to love our neighborhood up close this weekend and next.

I’ll be explaining all the logistics when we prepare to go out at noon Sunday.  Just know that we will all be in teams and that this is a completely non-confrontational way of sharing Jesus with our neighbors.  Just think: some people will be spending the rest of their life and all of eternity experiencing and loving God because of what we’ll be doing for a few short hours these weeks.    

One last thing:  this weekend we’re starting into a new fall series that will run us up to Christmas.  We’ve entitled it “Mining the Prophets” and we’ll be diving into a number of the Old Testament prophetic books to see more of God’s heart for His people and more of Jesus plan for us as we head into the 2018 Thanksgiving and Christmas season in a few short weeks.  And don’t forget the additional time between services for some great fellowship and food (10:00-10:45 a.m.).  It’s been really wonderful for those who have been able to enjoy it. 

See you this weekend!

Pastor John

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