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March Madness?

Posted by John Repsold on

Spring Greetings!
No, I’m not talking about basketball.  I’m talking about how ready all of us are for warmer weather and sunnier days.  Yes, this fresh, new spring has been pretty cold, gray and dreary so far.  But we all know that winter will eventually loosen its grip on Spokane… and then we’ll really discover how bad the potholes are!
LENT:  So we’re just over two weeks into the 2011 Lent season this week.  Our family sat down at the beginning of Lent this year to discuss how we were going to celebrate.  Yes, CELEBRATE!  While much of church tradition seems to focus on what we’re going to give up or deprive ourselves of, I’d like to encourage you to look at Lent as a time to celebrate some fresh opportunities for renewed connections between you and God. 

Every time we step back from something, whether it’s the noise of electronics or the comfort of food, we have an opportunity to step forward into a fresh time of connection with God.  Fasting from food for a meal or more gives you time to take a walk with God or just quietly enjoy His presence in prayer.  Fasting from noise or talking or work for a period of time will probably open up your spiritual ears to fresh things God might be wanting to speak to you. 

Let me encourage you to take a different spiritual practice each week in the remaining four weeks of Lent and “step it up” a notch in your walk with Christ.  Decide to DISENGAGE from some normal level of activity (through fasting from food, electronics, talking, human interaction, spending, work, etc.) so that you can ENGAGE with God in something meaningful to your relationship with him (confession, journaling, worship, giving, service, prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, etc.). 

All of us will benefit from even a 4-week spiritual journey with God.  So don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage with God afresh in 2011.
We’re planning a special Good Friday service for Friday evening, April 22nd, at Second Space.   This year we’ve decided to observe Good Friday with a worship service that is liturgical in nature (meaning we’ll be using a written liturgy of music, prayers, Scripture readings and congregational interaction around communion).  Put it on your calendar for Friday evening, April 22nd.
As you have probably noticed, we don’t have a lot of art at 2ndSpace right now.  It looks like we’re in a period of transition with the art gallery.  So we’d like to ask you to PRAY for God’s leading as we seek to develop relationships with the college and high school art teachers in our community.  We’re sensing that God would have us pursue the possibility of turning Second Space into a venue for younger local artists to showcase and sell their art but we need the right kind of partnerships to develop.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or connections in this arena.  We still want to see Mosaic facilitate music and the arts in our community in a healthy and God-honoring way. 
Over 20 of us had a wonderful weekend at Ross Point in Post Falls, Idaho, last weekend.  We missed worshipping with everyone else but we really loved what God did with us.  With this being our second Alpha retreat in 5 months, I’m finding that I really love the spiritual refreshing it brings and the way God seems to speak with many of us afresh in that setting.  Thanks to Chris Buck for covering the teaching at Mosaic last weekend and our terrific team of musicians (Kirk Orr, Jesse Achenbach, Micah Sheets,  Emilio Pitotti & Mike Mann) for blessing us at the retreat as well as worship services.  God’s family is amazing!
Yes, Sunday is coming…and I hope you will be too.  We’re back in Ephesians 5 this weekend as we look again at God’s family “Code of Conduct” and why it’s so important to what we are all about as His children.  Hope you can join us at either 9 or 11 Sunday morning. 
We’re just about ready to launch a new phase of ministry to our youngest followers of Jesus, our children.  Please be praying for the Children’s Ministry Team as they step out in faith in discipling the children at Mosaic.  If you are interested in impacting kids for the Kingdom, please talk with Michelle at 944-5262 or email her at
Enjoying the change of seasons,


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