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Pastor's Weekly Update

Planned Enjoyment

Posted by John Repsold on

So what’s your PLAN for enjoying God in this New Year?  Considering that we’ll be talking about Enjoying the Ultimate Gift this Sunday, it’s actually a very appropriate question. 
We plan enjoyment in a whole lot of things in life:  vacations, dates, hobbies, marriage, concerts, eating out, careers, even schooling.  God is a big fan of seeing his people enjoy life. So it makes sense that he would be very much in favor of us planning to enjoy Him, right? 
So my question stands—what’s your plan for enjoying God this weekend, next week, next month and next year?  Just like most relationships in life, failure to plan usually means you’re planning to fail. 
So I hope that you will join us as we spend an hour together THIS SUNDAY JANUARY 1 letting God speak to us about how He would love to help us enjoy Him, life’s greatest joy, this next year.  We’ll be developing personalized plans for doing just that during the service too.  See you at 9 or 11AM on the 1st day of this New Year, Sunday, January 1, 2012.  Come as you are…tired or refreshed, dressed up or in your pajamas, happy, grumpy, excited or lonely.  Come…and plan to enjoy God.
ALPHA—With the New Year comes a new opportunity to partner with what God is doing in the life of someone you know who either doesn’t know Christ yet or has been away from the church for a long time.  We will be launching several different Alpha Dinner Groups at the end of January 2012. 
So here is my challenge:  ask God to help you have the boldness to ask at least ONE other person or couple needing to grow closer to God to join you in an Alpha group this next month.  Then sign up and bring them along to 10 evenings of terrific food, fun and life-changingfellowship. They will be eternally gratefully to you...and you will be eternally thankful you did.
MONDAY NIGHTS @ MOSAIC—As you are making plans for the rest of the winter, keep in mind that on Monday nights starting in February we will be offering a couple of growth classes at Second Space.  We’ll be repeating the Helping Without Hurting group and adding a NEW group that targets dealing with false gods all of us have and the addictive patterns and behaviors that support them.  Both groups have the potential to significantly change and grow each of us in Christ.  So keep your Monday nights free. 
NEED:  One of our members is looking for a double bed frame.  If you can help with this, please call Randy at 995-2702. 
Have a very enjoyable, safe and blessed New Year’s Eve and New Year this weekend!
Pastor John  

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