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Pastor's Weekly Update


Posted by John Repsold on

If you’re a gardener in Spokane you know that it’s been a great summer for growing things (including weeds)! The sustained heat at just the right time along with a few thunderstorms has made just about everything grow like gangbusters.

But about a week ago I noticed a funny pattern developing in the corn patch in my garden. Most of the corn was a deep, rich green color with beautiful white tassels waving in the breeze. But then there was an area where the stalks were a foot or two shorter, a pale green color and no tassels in sight. My keen powers of perception told me something wasn’t right. J

Upon further investigation I found that this entire section wasn’t getting enough water. The wonderful sunshine and heat that was such a boon to the rest of the garden was actually killing my corn. So with just a little repositioning of sprinklers and reallocating of water, the entire corn patch is beginning to look healthy again.

Too much of a good thing…or not enough of vital things…will spell the death of great things.

While summer is such a wonderful time for rest, reconnecting with family and friends, renewal and recreation, all of those things need to be done in proper balance with regular life-giving practices.

Hopefully all of us are able to take a little extra time for renewal this summer. Whether it’s taking a travel vacation for several days or just relaxing next to the river for a few minutes, rest and recreation are important parts of life. But not at the expense of other vital, life-giving “water” like fellowship, worship, time with God and other steady spiritual practices.

So as the summer of 2014 begins to draw to a close, let me encourage you to take advantage of a few life-giving and downright fun things we have planned for the rest of August.


That’s what we’ve labeled our August worship experiences together on Sunday mornings. While worship isn’t to be seasonal, it is to be seasoned by experience and flavor. So during the month of August, we’re seeking to combine our seasoned experience with God together with some fresh tastes of worship that will stimulate and renew your spiritual taste buds. Don’t miss out on these life-giving encounters with God every Sunday morning in August.


Next week many of us are headed to beautiful Farragut State Park on the south end of Lake Pend Oreille for Mosaic Family Camp. From Thursday night through Monday, dozens of us will be enjoying God’s great outdoors under the sun and stars as well as His great family around food and fellowship.

There is presently only one small RV spot left but space for campers Friday through Sunday nights. If you want to get in on the fun, go to the Camping event link on our website (You can also click here to go to the event and use the registration link there. Make sure you fill out and print a copy of before you submit it.)

If you want to join us for just the Saturday BBQ at 5pm, cost is only $3/person (and $5/vehicle pass permit for your car). Meal includes hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, sides, dessert, and drinks.

On Monday, August 18, we’ll cap it all off with a day at Silverwood Theme Park. IF you purchase special group rate tickets from Menesia at Mosaic, prices are only $31.99 (ages 8-64); $16.99 (ages 4-7 & 65+). Dinner is at 5:30pm there on Monday, and is $7.99 adults/$4.99 for ages 3-7.  All day, all-you-can-drink beverage bands are $2.49 (Regularly $9!)

Please see the Event Details on our Website for more information on pricing and options.


Both Tuesday, August 12 and Saturday, August 16, are our opportunities to experience the heart of God in the heart of our city by serving at Cup of Cool Water and City Gate. We need about 5-7 volunteers for each serve so please contact me ( or call/text 710-8026) to be part of the team this week.

Finally, as we look forward to this fall, I want everyone to be praying about something that is very important to the long term health, growth and vitality of Mosaic: THE BIG MOVE God has for us downtown next. The leadership team of Mosaic has concluded that the next big faith step for us as a church is to pursue purchasing (rather than leasing) a building in downtown Spokane.

We are intensifying our search and beginning to pull together the necessary resources for just such a move.

We will be giving you periodic updates over the next few months with many more details. But for now, would you please PRAY for the following:

  • God’s guidance to the right building.
  • God’s provision of an investor or team of investors to help purchase the building.
  • Gathering of the right tenants and ministry partners to make our new location a hub of vibrant ministry in the downtown.

Blessings from our Lord and Savior Jesus to all of you!

Pastor John



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