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  • Sunday: 10am
  • Infant through 8th grade Sunday School classes available
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Pastor's Weekly Update

Snow Daze

Posted by John Repsold on

Warm Greetings on a Blizzardy Day! School may be closed, snow may be flying and temperatures may be plunging, but there is no lack of fire in the hearts of God’s kids today in Spokane! May this find you warmed to the depths of your soul by the Spirit of God. Here are a few important...

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Tags: children, ephesians, mosaic, snow, dessert

Prayer Changes...Everything

Posted by John Repsold on

Dear Mosaic Family, Prayer always changes something.  It may be the one who is praying.  It may be the one being prayed for.  It may be a circumstance, an attitude, a perspective.  It may be our ability to hear God’s voice or follow his leading.  It may be our...

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Tags: prayer, grace, nicaragua, agros, ephesians

Afraid of Praying?

Posted by John Repsold on

Dear Mosaic Family, Praying is one of those universally acceptable spiritual activities…even if you’re an agnostic.  No kidding.  I recently ran across a book entitled “An Agnostic Defense of Obligatory Prayer.”  It’s written by an agnostic...

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Tags: prayer, fear, agnostics, church, ephesians