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Nov 15, 2020

Renewal through Healing Confession

Preacher: John Repsold

Series: Renewing Our Spiritual Passion

Keywords: prayer, sin, forgiveness, healing, confession, renewal


We all need a little renewal after months of fighting Covid. So join us for this series of Renewing Your Spiritual Passion as we focus on various aspects of vital spiritual renewal.


Renewal through Confession

November 15, 2020

#1 in Renewing Your Spiritual Passion Series

Anybody feel like you’re tired?  Could use refreshment?  Renewal? 

We’re in another 4-week short series on Renewing Your Spiritual Passion before we head into the Christmas Season and a 3-Sunday series entitled Advent Humility—Christmas through the eyes of its most humble participants. 

We’ve all been through a very difficult year in many ways. 

  • We’re now in our 8th month of Covid restrictions. Anyone getting weary of wearing masks, of social isolation, of relational tension and isolation because of how differently people are responding and feeling about it all?
  • We had fires this summer across the West.
  • We’re in the midst of the busiest hurricane season on record. This is only the second time that the official alphabetical list of hurricane names has been used up, meaning forecasters have had to move to the supplementary list of Greek letter names.  
  • Then there are the riots and racial tensions across the nation.
  • And most recently we had to throw on top of that all a hyper-divisive campaign season and a contested national election.

Do you think God might be trying to get our national attention

            As believers first and foremost in Jesus Christ the Lord, we know that times of stress and strain are actually better opportunities for growth in Jesus.  I personally believe there are more opportunities for massive Kingdom advancements right now than at any time in my lifetime (and I’m getting old