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Aug 02, 2020

Your Gospel Story

Passage: Acts 26:1-32

Preacher: John Repsold

Series: Great Gospel

Keywords: story, gospel, testimony, living christ, encountering christ, before christ


Concluding our series about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we look today at the power of every disciples' personal testimony through the lens of Paul's testimony. Our story with the Gospel is the most powerful story we will every share with others that can lead them to Jesus. It's simple, real, genuine and God-given. Learn how to find common ground with others through your own Gospel story.


Your Gospel Story

August 2, 2020



  • Pastor Andrew in Week 1—What is the Gospel? Paul’s definition of the Gospel found in Romans 1:16 (ESV)—1
  • JR in week 2: How the Gospel changes our past…even though we often say, “You can’t change the past.” It forgives, cleanses, redeems, sanctifies, etc.  We’ve been
  • Pastor Bob in week 3—How the Gospel changes the present by giving us a new life in Christ to live every day—takes us from living in darkness/evil to living in the light/ holiness/righteousness/sanctification. We are being
  • Pastor Jesse in week 4—What the Gospel means for our future—We will be saved—resurrection, complete sanctification, new existence, how we live going forward with new purpose, calling, meaning.
  • Matt Lewis in week 5—The big story of the gospel is your story
  • Jerry Larson in week 6— The Gospel is THE BEST gift we have ever received and are called to share with every person needing Christ in this life. We need a divine “eye transplant” to see people as God does.  We need to pray daily that God will take us to someone He’s been calling to himself.  NOTE:  copy of A Life That Matters

STORY:  So this week, Ken and I were praying, and he prayed something that I’ve never really thought of before.  It hit me as if God were shouting it.  We were praying about the troubles of our day and what a mess the world is in.  And then he started talking about a passage of Scripture that is found in 2 Peter 3:9.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

That passage tells us that the reason Jesus hasn’t returned to earth yet to set up His kingdom is because He is patiently waiting for as many people to join His family as possible.  And Ken prayed something like, “Lord, what if you’re waiting for us to share the Gospel with the final person you’ve been waiting 2,000 to get to so that you can return and wrap up history?” 

            WOW!  There really is going to be that “last” person who believes in Jesus some day because one of us/God’s kids shares the Gospel with them, they repent, turn to Jesus and, BOOM, Jesus will return!

            Just imagine:  someone you may meet this week might be that final person God Almighty is waiting for to come to Jesus by faith.  Can you imagine Jesus saying, “Thanks Caleb, thanks Carrie Ann, I’ve been waiting for this last one.  I’ve been sending my children to share the Gospel with them for years.  Today was the day!  And what a new day your sharing Jesus has ushered in!”

            Someone in this series asked us, “So why do so few of us share the Gospel on a regular basis?”  I think we mentioned fear of what others will think…and not knowing what to say…or fear of rejection…or what if they ask a question I don’t have an answer for, etc.

            I’d like to suggest that, if you are a follower of Jesus, you already have all you need to be that person who points others to Jesus.  You already know enough to lead someone else to Jesus.  Because if you’ve heard the Gospel…if Jesus has found you… and you’ve responded by simple faith in Him, then you already know enough to provide the most compelling story they are ever going to need to encounter Christ. 

            But if you don’t know Jesus personally, if He’s not your Savior who has changed your life forever, then you may not have a story to tell others that could lead them to Jesus.  You may be the one who actually needs to have some one challenge you to encounter Jesus. 

ILL:  Re-learning this vacation how important stories are to children as I was listening to and being asked to tell story-upon-story by some very verbal/story-oriented grandchildren.  I got to be a prince, a king, a husband, customer, a monster, etc.